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The Pre-Orthodontic TRAINER™

T4K™ - The TRAINER for Kids™.

Improves facial and dental development in the growing child (mixed dentition).

Since being introduced in 1992, the Pre-Orthodontic Trainer™ (T4K™) has become the most popular and successful product available from Myofunctional Research Co. The T4K™ is most effective in early mixed dentition for tooth eruption guidance and correction of myofunctional habits. Tooth channels and labial bows guide the erupting/developing dentition into correct alignment and while the tongue tag and lip bumpers treat myofunctional habits. Base to 1st molars only. Starting is soft (Silicone) and Finishing or Phase 2 is harder (Polyurethane).

Introduction to the TRAINER System™ (English subtitles)
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NEW T4K™ 2007:

MRC has drawn from new research and experience with the MYOBRACE® appliance to provide a comprehensive update to the T4K™.

The revised T4K™ is thicker overall for better arch development and durability. It now has offset upper and lower arches with a Class I bite, rather than edge to edge as per the old T4K™. This will give better upper archexpansion, and also means the appliance is less prone to splitting at the distal ends. The tongue tag has also been extended back slightly, and modified in shape for better tongue positioning.

The revised T4K™ will be a more durable appliance, and will function even better than the outgoing T4K™.

T4K™ 2007 Features:

1: The T4K™ 2007 is thicker overall for better arch development and durability.

2: Offset upper and lower arches improves molar relationship and prevents splitting.

3: Modified tongue tag area for better tongue placement.

4: Offset upper and lower arches with Class I bite rather than edge to edge as previously.

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